31 March 2014

What Would You Trade?



They say no parent ever regretted spending time with their kids. According to a recent study, parents have said they would give up something that matters to them for a year just to have one extra hour a week with their kids. What were they willing to give up? The answers might surprise you, ranging from the Internet to coffee to their favorite TV show.

This same research said that of parents surveyed, more than 80 percent said that vacation provided great quality time as a family.  Who was this survey conducted by?  The Disney Company.  Where do they want people to vacation? At a Disney theme park — a place with long lines, great expectations, enticements galore for children to ask/beg for “stuff” and many opportunities for familial tension over decisions and expenses.

Family camp experiences offer much in contrast. In particular, families who go to camp together experience quality time away from the distractions, the lines, the pressures of a theme park vacation. Family camps provides shared experiences, adventures, activities appropriate for every age, meals created especially for families and activities served up without the hassles of making more decisions.  All of this in a setting that is unusually beautiful, in an environment where fun is built in and stress is squeezed out.

At a CCCA member camp, families also have the bonus of connecting spiritually — hearing from God, worshiping together as a family and experiencing the grandeur of His creation.


Quality family time.  Family camp time. That’s the power of camp!

2 thoughts on “What Would You Trade?

  1. It was a day that spoke deeply to our staff when a camper told us that they were given the choice by their parents to go to camp for Family Week, or go to Disney World…and they chose camp! Those are the heartwarming reasons we do what we do.

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