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29 January 2014

There’s Something about Being Somewhere Else – Why I send my kids to Camp.



I  have been working in Christian Camping for 25 years, so it goes without saying that I believe in the Power of Camp.

My thirteen-year-old daughter has lived at Trout Lake Camps, the place I work, her entire life. She lives a life that I can’t imagine – filled with climbing walls, zip-lines and horses in her front yard. Courtney has a pretty great “home” life… and that’s exactly why I send her to Camp Shamineau every summer!

The very reason I work at camp is because I went to Bair Lake Bible Camp when I was a kid. I remember that two-hour car ride, the screams of excitement from my sisters as we turned onto a dirt road called Prang Street. I can still feel the lump in my throat thinking about all the unknowns– who would be in my cabin, would I like my counselor, and could I get a top bunk?

My grandparents sent me to camp, far from home and all the entanglements and distractions there, into this new world, with new friends, activities, and experiences.

So, the first chance my wife and I had, we sent our camp kids – to another camp. And they loved it! Last summer, on the ride home Courtney said, “The best thing was how real God felt to me this week. I learned so much about Him.”

God finds our hearts at camp. I felt the same way so many years ago, there’s just something about your faith becoming your faith when you’re away and on your own.

That’s why I send my kids to camp.