25 July 2014

Finding Hidden Treasure


Last weekend, my sons and I went on a treasure hunt. Literally. A bona fide search for hidden treasure. I’ve promised not to share details with the world, so I’ll ask you to trust me that this expedition was the real deal.

It was great to be with both of my boys – one 15, the other 22, married and a new father. It was the three of us together again, seeking adventure.

We spent a number of hours driving to a search location, climbing, hiking, wading, hunting, calling out to each other, whistling our code whistles and generally acting like little kids on a grown-up treasure hunt.

At the end of the day, we returned home exhausted and treasureless. But I was a richer man for the time I spent with my sons, planning, imagining, driving, talking and laughing.

What about you? What are you searching for on your expedition? If you’re a camp professional, working and walking through this busy summer season, what clear goals do you have in mind? What are the unexpected joys and surprises you’ve encountered?

What treasures has God delivered to you, even as you pursued something else?

2 thoughts on “Finding Hidden Treasure

  1. One of our regular dining room staff members…a sweet young 15 year old girl asked Jesus into her life at the camp fire for the teen campers. Praise God for His working in the lives of the neighbor hood young folks! I’m now watching her grow in Christ and helping to mentor her. This is what ministry is all about!

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