1 December 2011

I AM What You Want



Peter Reid is returning as daily Bible teacher for the 2011 CCCA National Conference next week in Asheville, NC, and I am eagerly awaiting what he will deliver to attendees. Two years ago, at the 2009 CCCA National Conference, Peter drew dramatic parallels between the prophet Elijah’s life and our relationship with God today.

Then a few months ago, Peter wrote in a column for InSite magazine, our bi-monthly publication, that our ministry can actually become an idol; that we can seek ministry goals more than we seek God Himself. He wrote: “We need to develop a ‘holy disinterest’ in our ministry lest it usurp a place in our hearts which Christ must occupy.”

Peter concluded his article with his own poetic writing that I’ve heard him recite before. It is so powerful, I want to share it with you here. I encourage you to read it slowly and to consider each part of each line carefully.

I AM What You Want

When you desire The Light more than what He reveals, you’ll see what you haven’t understood.

When you desire The Bread more than being satisfied, you’ll enjoy fullness of joy.

When you desire The Door more than the pasture He exposes, you’ll enter inner freedom.

When you desire The Shepherd more than His voice, you’ll hear Him speak to you by name.

When you desire The Resurrection more than being raised, you’ll start doing the impossible.

When you desire The Way more than the direction He gives, you’ll walk in His good will.

When you desire The Truth more than acquiring knowledge, you’ll search the depths of God.

When you desire The Life more than the Christian life, you’ll experience Christ as your Life.

When you desire The Vine more than the fruit He produces, you’ll bear fruit that remains.

2 thoughts on “I AM What You Want

  1. What a convicting piece of poetry!! Thank you so much for sharing that.
    And by the way… Peter Reid’s speaking at Engage was wonderful.
    God bless,

    1. Thanks for your comment, Ashley. Yes, Peter is an amazing man, and his commitment to speak at ENGAGE even when he was so weak and sick was inspiring. I told him on the last morning, “It’s OK if you want to sit this one out.” He said something like, “I didn’t come all this way to let you down.” And he went out and did a great job. I thank God for Peter’s ministry to us.

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