1 December 2010

The Game of Camp Life



In the November/December issue of InSite, veteran camp pros talk candidly about how they’d do things differently—or the same—if given the chance for a career do-over. Their “hindsight insights” ranged from having a more consistent personal time with God to being more sensitive to their kids’ emotional needs. Other do-overs included keeping a better diet and having a mentor. (Read the article.)

Whether you’re a seasoned veteran or just have a few years under your belt, what would you do over if given the chance?

4 thoughts on “The Game of Camp Life

  1. Two open-heart surgeries, within two months, just over a year a go have taught me some of the things I ignored in my years of ministry at Warm Beach Christian Camps and Conference Center, and into the “retirement” years of consulting with Christian camps.

    I would concentrate more on “being” instead of being so caught up in “doing.” I was impressed by the quote “Too many Christian workers have forsaken Christ and taken up His service instead.”

    I would delegate more and better. I would set boundaries more clearly between my “work” and my “personal, home and family life.”

    These emphases have allowed me to regain much of my health, even enabling me to continue my “mission camp” work in Mexico…even at 80 years of age

  2. I would do a better job of communicating with the board members. Communication is like fruitcake, the moment you make one, it starts to get stale. When we communicate, it is time to start planning the next point of communication. It is a constant process that is never finished and yet it is essential to do it on a continual basis, just like praying. Tom Veneman

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