27 August 2010

Letters From Camp

[youtube url=http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zwsDnihs6vg]

From guest blogger Martha Krienke, CCCA communications manager:

A couple of weeks ago, Bill Geist, a correspondent for “Sunday Morning” on CBS, presented this humorous segment about a new book called PS: I Hate it Here. After watching the video, let us know what you think. (Please note that YouTube may contain objectionable content.) What can we as Christian camping professionals take away from these campers’ letters to Mom and Dad?

2 thoughts on “Letters From Camp

  1. Great devotional and the camp letters were really funny – only because they were temporary and age appropriate. The most insightful thing for me was the comments left on Youtube. (beware of the foul language)but one said – who would want to go out and sleep in the woods like an animal? and one said-just some spoiled kids writing letters. The other 6 comments were neutral or positive, but these two gripped me – their attitude reflects the “nature-deficit disorder” that Richard Louvre describes in “Last child in the woods”. They have no concept of the value of the beauty of nature nor the bonding with friends and God that seems deeper in camping/the woods than most anywhere else. Sad,but important to realize who the next generation is and how we can overcome some of those challenges in their thinking. Probably need to start with a Christian music concert and then take them to a campfire. 🙂

  2. That is TOO funny! Love it… Funny thing is, I remember those days! I remember being driven 2 hours home at the back of a school bus all by myself with just a very large city driver at the front of the bus. In retrospect, it was less scary to stay at camp! It didn’t stop me, however, from returning year after year and building some incredible memories. Now my life is camp…go figure!

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