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6 February 2021

The Impact of a Camp Counselor


Camp counselors play a distinct role in the summer camp setting. They are the leaders. Mentors. Mediators. Parents-away-from-home. And they can be some of the most influential people in a young person’s life.

Whether it’s teaching kids how to make friendship bracelets, playing in the pool with hundreds of wild campers, or having deep conversations, camp counselors get to share their hearts of gold with impressionable children who never forget them.

Counselors serve.
They teach.
They listen.
They put in long days of hard work.
They problem solve on the spot.
They give their summer breaks to help rowdy campers get to know Jesus.

The impact these leaders have on youth is tremendous. Campers observe how their counselors interact with other campers and staff members when things are going smoothly, and when times are tough. In a way, counselors pave the way for the next generation—showing them how to serve well, work hard and play hard. Many camp staff leave their summer gig inspiring campers to be counselors one day.

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