9 September 2010

Shepherd Boy to King



In 2 Samuel 7, God says to Nathan the prophet: “Now then, tell my servant David, ‘This is what the LORD Almighty says: I took you from the pasture and from following the flock to be ruler over my people Israel. I have been with you wherever you have gone…’” Does this sound similar to your story? From a college intern or summer staffer to becoming a camp director years later?

CCCA wants to help develop today’s young staff members who have leadership potential and ambitions. If you’re a young camp or conference professional, would you consider joining us for the “Next Generation Leaders” Head Start Workshop Monday, Dec. 6, during the 2010 National Conference?

Led by Tim Elmore, founder of Growing Leaders, this all-day workshop may be a defining moment for 20-somethings or young 30s to pursue God’s plan for them in the Christian camping movement. It will be fast-paced, highly interactive, entertaining and eye-opening. And maybe it will be the next step in understanding the role God is calling you to.

More information about “Next Generation Leaders” will be available soon at the National Conference Web site.

For seasoned leaders, I’d love to hear your story about the path God has led you on to get where you are today. Will you share it in the comment section?

5 thoughts on “Shepherd Boy to King

  1. Dave, John, Scott and Mrs. Gurubel,

    Thanks so much for sharing your stories. I’m struck by the uniqueness in the way God led each of you into camping ministry. Thank you for the encouragement.


  2. I hate bugs!! – Life without air conditioning!! – Little kids when they run and get sweaty!! – and sleeping in an unfamiliar bed and camp showers – But —- I am a Camp Director. Just before graduation from Southeastern Bible College in 1960, Miss Catherine Binzel, founder and Camp Director of Wonder Book Camp was our featured speaker in chapel. I didn’t want to be in chapel that day, but it was required attendance. After she spoke, telling of all God’s faithfulness in the WBC ministry; I knew I had to go….just one time – no more!!

    Twenty one years later, when Miss Binzel left to go to Irian Jaya to live and serve as a missionary, she appointed me as Camp Director. I told her “NO WAY”. After spending some time in God’s Word, concerning this, He led me to Psalm 71, where I found many encouraging verses that assured me that God would be my help and strength. I went back and told Miss Binzel that God had led me to say YES, and that I would accept this responsibility. She had tears in her eyes, as she told me that Psalm 71 was the very verses that God gave her when she started the camp.

    It has been 53 years since that day in chapel. I still don’t like bugs, heat, sweat and someone else’s shower, but, my, the blessings and unspeakable joy we have known as my sweet husband and I have seen God’s work in the lives of many young people as they have come to know Christ as Saviour and grow in His grace. “Thank you Lord for showing me your plan for my life”, when I “thought” camp wasn’t for me! When we complete Fall Retreat in October 2010, My husband and I will have served 53 wonderful years in camping ministry! TO GOD BE THE GLORY!!

  3. Gregg I love that CCCA is targeting young leaders. Just leaving that stage of life I was very fortunate. I was given opportunities, allowed to fail with grace, and was mentored along the way in maturity. Some older guys took a chance on me and for that I am forever grateful. May we not forget to pass the baton and pass it with intentionality and purpose in making the next generation greater than ours. Might be a risk but a risk our organizations will find very beneficial in the future. Great reminder for all of us in camping.

  4. It has been amazing to me how God has worked all things in my life to prepare me for camp ministry for my good and His glory. Hunting and fishing as a boy, spending days on a small farm or in the woods playing has developed within me a love for the outdoors. God developed a love for His Word, and for ministering to people while training in a camp ministry program in Bible college and serving in my local church. I never would have thought that I would be serving the Lord in full-time Christian camping ministry when I was a child going to a small, seemingly insignificant camp put together by a few local churches. Later God placed me in various leadership roles as I progressively moved from counselor, to head counselor, to adventure facilitator, to program director, and now to where I train other people for full-time Christian camping at Appalachian Bible College. I love how God has stretched and grown me to get me where I am today. It is unique how I now supervise people who have mentored me in the past. The great thing is that I still don’t know where all God will take me but I know He has good and great plans. God is good!

  5. There are many paths to leadership. I spent 31 years in law enforcement retiring as a police chief, all the while serving my local church in a variety of leadership positions. My leadership abilities and administrative experience both on the job and in the church prepared me for my position as executive director. So, you never kow where God will lead you. I can attest to that!

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